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Captivity Kills


This website design was to information users about the SWTD program. These dolphins are usually starved before the visitors enter the pool, with this the dolphins are going to give a lot of attention to the person (which will make them feel special of course). Many incident has happened that the dolphin will bite kids, trainers and visitors in the pool.

This website was designed to purely advertise how terrible these programs are. This design was inspired by the movie Blackfish, if you'd like to know more visit their website blackfishmovie.com

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I've loved designing for as long as I can remember.

From a very young age i've been coding for the fun and challenges. After getting accepted in College for Graphic Design I wanted to learn and expand my knowledge in coding, print work, web design and packaging. I've developed a love for packaging as well as any form of print work.

After working in the field for my co-op and contract work over my three years I've learned many valuable skills through my adventure, I trive for knowledge and want to continue my work and passion web & graphic design.

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